Nathiya Gali in Pictures

On the first weekend of September, my family and I went for a two day trip to Nathia Gali. It’s a beautiful place, part of Pakistan’s mountainous Northern Areas and I had a lot of fun! We went by car and stopped a lot by the roads to see the fantastic view. It even rained, which made things so much nicer! I genuinely enjoyed every bit of this trip. Here are some pictures:

It started raining! It was great, especially since it made the night we stayed rather chilly!

You also get to see some remnants of the disaster that earthquakes wreck on the mountains.

Here’s a cottage that we stopped by to check to see if we could spend the night!

Here’s the inside of the cottage! It had two big rooms: this was one of them, which basically had one double bed, two stacked bunk beds, a bathroom, and closets. The other big room was a lounge and a kitchen with another bathroom. It all looked cozy, but it was the kind of residence that you’d want if you were staying for a couple of weeks and wanted to do all the housework yourself.

We ended up staying at another hotel which had this great view! The hotel itself was amazing from the inside- the floors were so shiny and fancy and the rooms were actually really nice. The bathrooms were well-furnished as well, although it seems that house-keeping wasn’t exactly their strong suit! This hotel was in Changla Gali.

We then went hunting for a famous “Zulfi Abshar”.

After that, we went back to the hotel to have lunch before heading out again to Patriata. I wanted to sit in the chair-lift but wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend an hour in a chair during sundown without a jacket. Instead, we settled for having some hot chocolate and checking out the local market.

The next morning we headed out on a walk (since our car was blocked by another car) and ate breakfast at a local dhaaba.

The chanay came later. And also the chaye.

After breakfast, we walked around some more (car still blocked…).

Once our car was free, still a few hours later, we went up to Dunga Gali and I decided to sit on a horse instead.

It’s name was Kajal!

They took us to see a giant water reservoir that basically supplies the entire area.

This part was built by the British.

That extended part was built by Pakistan.

Here’s me!

We headed home through Abbottabad, stopping by the famous Ilyasi Masjid on our way. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a lot of pictures of the masjid…

I hope you liked seeing these pictures! I also snapped lots of little clips and will hopefully be working on a short and nice vlog soon. Have a nice day!

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