Travel Islamabad: Checking Out Burning Brownies

Even though I live in Islamabad, there are lots of places I haven’t been to within the city. Sometimes, it’s even hard to think up of fun places to go to in Islamabad. In terms of malls, there doesn’t seem to be much around apart from Centaurus and Safa Gold Mall. The other evening, we decided to head out to somewhere interesting in Islamabad and after Googling it up, we decided to check out Olympus Mall.

Located in F-11, the Olympus Mall really is as beautiful a piece of architecture as the name suggests. Styled in a true Olympic fashion, there is an ample amount of parking space, something that not a lot of people in Pakistan really think about when they build things. Despite being located in a very central part of Islamabad, the mall itself isn’t exactly open yet. Apparently, there are some legal issues, resulting in only the ground floor being available for visitors and only two restaurants located in the premises.

Here’s a very poor photograph of the mall that I took while sticking my body out of the sunroof of the car and trying not to look too crazy amongst the crowd of the market.

One of the restaurants (or rather, cafes) located on the ground floor was Burning Brownies. I’ve heard a lot about Burning Brownies and we figured it was probably about time that we checked this place out as well. The cafe/bakery has an outdoor sitting area as well as an indoor sitting area.

Tastefully decorated in a true steampunk style, Burning Brownies tries to convey the typical stereotype of Western cowboy aesthetic cafes, whether it’s the plates or the posters or the motorbike hanging on the wall or the bike exhaust pipes styled in another corner. Unfortunately, the inside of the cafe, despite the decorations, seemed to be very small. Perhaps it was to give a cozy atmosphere, but the atmosphere wasn’t exactly what I’d call cozy. Crowded, perhaps.

I liked the lights quite a bit and when I got home, I spent quite some time playing around with them on a photo editor.

Anyway! We ordered a couple of pastries and some drinks!

I specifically got a cream puff because I just love creamy gooey soft things and this looked so gorgeous on the display rack. It tasted even better, although I arguably ate it the wrong way in the cafe… Yes, yes, the idiot eating the cream puff with a knife and a fork was me.

All the things that we ordered were really nice, except it was super sweet and too much chocolate. It was really hard to wash down everything when all you had was more thick chocolate, whether it was a cup of hot chocolate or a cold chocolate shake. I really wanted to drink water with all the pastries because the amount of sweetness was a little overwhelming! I kind of felt a little sick, to be honest, and we ended up taking things home.

The chocolate milkshake? The next day, I added 1 part chocolate milkshake to 1 part of milk and it still tasted way too rich, but a lot more bearable.

I think this is a pretty nice cafe, but it should probably come with a bit of a warning label with it. I mean, not all of us folks in Islamabad live in Belgium and drink from its rivers of chocolate and then come back to Pakistan to complain about the lack of Belgium-rich chocolate around here.

Anyway, here’s the bill. The plain chocolate chip cookies were mediocre but the peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies were absolutely amazing. I would also highly recommend the cream puffs. Latte, pastries, hot chocolate and the milkshake were a bit of an overkill. It’s probably best to just swing by Burning Brownies for a very light dessert.

Well, I hope you liked this post! If you ever come to Islamabad, you should probably check this place out! Maybe by the time you come, the rest of the Olympus Mall would also be opened! I hope you have a nice day.

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Here’s an alternate photo-edit I did of the lighting!

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