The Dark Life of Kanra Khan

Today on the blogger scene, we will be asking the question that has been plaguing everyone’s minds: Kanra’s dropped off the face of the earth and the interwebs again, where has she disappeared this time?

Usually, I give regular updates, whether on my twitter or on my Instagram but I’ve been strangely silent on both platforms as well as on my blog. It’s mostly because I had my end of fourth-year exams in the middle of October and you know, by the time the year ends, we all get exhausted and can’t wait for it to finally finish. I’m on break now, finally, but even now I feel an overwhelming amount of exhaustion coupled with stress. I have a whole month off and I really don’t want to waste it at all. In my hurry to get as many things done as possible, all I’ve managed to do is induce a crippling paralytic sense of anxiety that refuses to let me get anything done.

Initially, I’d wanted to do a series of posts throughout October with a ‘spooky’ theme. Partly a series of reviews and discussions on things like Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, Confinement and Castlevania, as well as some art pieces and art journal-spreads. I’ve been having a ton of ideas about what to do and write and expand on when it comes to blogging, but have yet to get started on them! Sadly, October is over though, spent worrying about exams. I had already pre-emptively decided that Inktober was a thing I would not be able to participate in.

Now November has rolled in and I’m also quite certain that NaNoWriMo is also something I won’t be able to join in on, not without thoroughly making myself miserable. Instead, I think I will be focusing on trying to get the various projects and ideas I had off the ground. Here are some general vague ideas that I want to make a thing now:

Fix up my Instagram. I need to thoroughly plan out visual content for at least the next couple of months in advance. It doesn’t matter what the caption is, just having the content set aside to use later is itself more than enough. If anything exciting enough happens that warrants a couple of posts, then I can adjust them in accordingly but having ‘stock’ photos ready to upload would really put my mind at ease and help me keep my Instagram active. As for my other Instagram profile, which is basically a study-gram, I need to stop being so picky about what I’m posting and post whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as it is study related.

Start a Youtube channel. This is mostly for the videos I have been putting up on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t really allow for long videos, so I figured I could put up journal flip throughs and art spread pages onto Youtube. I don’t want to be too ambitious though, so I’m currently shooting for a “one video a month” posting schedule. I also want to have a couple of videos saved and ready for the occasion now while I can. For instance, my travel vlog for Nathia Gali will hopefully be done soon.

Start a podcast. I had been thinking about this for quite a while. I always found it very fascinating that when we read the content other people have written, it’s in our own style instead of theirs. I figured it would be an interesting concept to present my blog posts with a complimentary audio file that would read the post itself out in my own style, the way I have written the post instead of the way you would be reading it.

And of course, the age-old resolution of having several blog posts saved and ready to post for whenever writing gets a little tough!

Well, I better get back to work then! I probably won’t be posting updates on twitter, but you can definitely follow me on Instagram to get updates via Instagram stories. Have a nice day \o/



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