Why You Should Start A Blog

Whenever someone starts gushing to me about something they love or somewhere they’ve recent visited or some task they’ve done, I often can’t help but reply “you should write a blog on that!”. Mostly because (1) they’ve got very interesting things to say and I think a lot more people should be hearing them out and (2) writing a blog is an activity that I would advocate to every single person I ever come across. Blogging is just that great of a hobby, especially in the digital era we live in today.

Of course, most people don’t really take my suggestion very seriously. I remember urging a couple of people to start writing when they related really interesting travel experiences or book reviews to me. While they seem to find the suggestion flattering and agree to take it up, nothing ever really comes out of it. I’m still not sure why people who do have wonderful things to say don’t grab the opportunity to build themselves the platform to say it.

Even now I’ve got lots of friends with wonderful opinions and interests about topics that I’ve never even thought about. I can’t help but wonder about how their blogs would look if they ever decided to write one. All I do know is that I would be glued to the screen to read everything they ever have to say.

If there are any people who are teetering and on the brink of making a blog, then this is the final straw for you to drop everything and make your blog today.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Blogging is a challenge that comes with its own set of skills to learn. Not only do you learn to actually write a blog post, but you also have to learn basic digital marketing skills, social media management and graphic design. It sure sounds like a lot of things to learn, but it all comes naturally with writing a blog and the learning curve happens at the pace you are comfortable with because you’re the only one who gets to decide when to take things to the next level. With blogging, I’ve learned how to juggle around multiple social media accounts (although I’m still very bad at posting regularly) and how to use the correct hashtags to get the most visibility possible and how to schedule a bulk of tweets/posts out in advance so I don’t have to do anything over the week, or even month. Of course, there is always room for learning more, whether through trial and error or by reading tips and tricks, but still, the amount of things I’ve learned just through blogging astounds me sometimes.

The best thing about blogging is when you’re writing about something you love. Whether you love photography or animals or reading, you can write about anything and everything. There are no limits about what you can write about, how much you can write about it, how you want to write about it. You don’t even have to write if your passion is something like photography or art. Sometimes just visual content can also make a blog beautiful and captivating.

Once you start blogging, you become a better writer and a better thinker. You’ll be able to improve the expression and presentation of your own ideas and thoughts into a form that can easily convey exactly what you mean to other people. It’s a very valuable skill in this day and age where people spend more time browsing the internet than ever before. Think about it, when was the last time you sat down and read an article on a solid piece of paper and not through the screen of a phone or computer? Not only is it easier to access articles and posts written on the internet, but it’s also cheaper, takes up less space (and is arguably eco-friendly) and is incredibly easy to share around with just the tap of a button.

Blogging is a medium that lets you connect and interact with people in a unique fashion. You could be connecting with people who are also interested in the same things you write about, whether they are also bloggers or just readers. These people make up the community around your blog and through comments and interaction on social media, you can form a lot of friendships and learn reciprocally from your followers!

It’s not that hard to start a blog! A lot of people start off with free domain blogs and it can even turn out to be a great investment in the long run. Not only do you end up with a project wholly your own that helps you cultivate a variety of useful skills, but you also have the chance to eventually earn money from your blog! Some bloggers even get paid to write what they love just by partnering with brands and companies. Even if that sort of thing doesn’t happen with you (it hasn’t happened to me yet xD), you’ll still have something amazing to be super proud of. As long as you keep going and work on improving yourself and your work, it’ll eventually pay off in some sort of form.

What prompted you to start a blog, if you have one? If you could start one, what would you like to write about? I hope this post helped you put some things into perspective! Have a nice day.

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One thought on “Why You Should Start A Blog

  1. Assalamualikum,

    Have been following you for some time now and this article prompted me for a few questions!

    I just got admission into med school (DOW), Alhamdulillah, so yeah, was thinking about starting a blog. (have always wanted to) But tbh the only thing that was bothering me was deciding whether I should start the blog with my real name or a pen name / alias.

    Like maybe I’d want to separate my writing and self, so that my writing-friends and readers do not intermix with my other friends. What do you think about using a pen name?

    By the way, if I do decide to write under a pen name, I was thinking of something like Insha or Patras or something like that. You know like a tribute to those awesome writers of our nation, but would that be a good idea? Like using some other great writer’s name as pen name?

    Sorry for so many questions! xd

    Keep the amazing articles coming, they’re always an enjoyable read!


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