Castlevania's Second Season Success

If it’s not obvious already, I’ll say it up front now: I loved Castlevania’s second season. It was everything I had been looking forward to ever since I had watched and gushed over the second season. I’ll try not to repeat my gushing from the last time I talked about it. So yeah, fantastic animation, great dialogue, decent plot, you get my drift.

Just one more thing that I thought was absolutely brilliant was the fact that they used the soundtrack from the original game. I thought it was amazing honestly, even though I haven’t played the game, I think that’s a really neat detail to add for the old school Castlevania fans, even though I’ve been hearing rumors about how the Netflix production seems to be appealing to new audiences and alienating its old fanbase. I, on the other hand, have developed more appreciation for Bloody Tears.

Alright, back to the program.

The second season alternated between showing us what the first season’s characters were doing and what Dracula was up to in his castle. The concepts presented regarding vampires from what we’ve seen of Dracula and his ‘comrades’ are really something worth discussing. Of course, there are spoilers ahead, so warning for that, although I’ll try not to spoil the main story too much. The three main things I want to talk about are (1) the question of why Lisa was not turned into a vampire, (2) the other vampire generals and (3) Hector.

The unsaid question that seemed to be looming in the vampire crowd’s mind was accurately summed up by Carmilla. Why was Dracula going so far for a human woman? And if he did love her, then why did he not turn her into a vampire? The first blatant answer is consent. Maybe he did offer to turn Lisa into a vampire (although I highly doubt it, for reasons upcoming) and she said no. End of story. However, I think that even if Lisa herself asked to become a vampire, Dracula probably would have tried his best to dissuade her. I doubt Lisa would ever want to be a vampire though. At the end of the day, vampires are not immortal humans. They are something cold and cruel and left to hide from sunlight. The absolute opposite of Lisa.

It would be terrible if Dracula had turned Lisa only to find vampirism sapping away at her humanity, empathy, and love and turning her into another decaying corpse.

When I saw the trailer, and eventually the season for myself, I was kind of excited to see that the series had included vampires from Asia. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? I still can’t quite decide! For one thing, I was glad they looked like they did. I think their designs were pretty good, although whether they were relevant to the times (Castlevania takes place in the late 1400s) is something I haven’t checked up on yet.

There were lots of things that kind of bothered me though. Like the fact that they were basically cannon fodder for showing how strong our original trio was. Nobody got to show off cool powers, except for Cho, the Japanese vampire. Nobody even got to say a word, not Raman (the Indian woman) or Sharma (the Indian? man). To be fair, we didn’t even know their names until the season was gone and done and the directors gave out the names later.

I’m not sure if all this was a good thing or a bad thing. While I am disappointed that these characters didn’t get much done, I’m also kind of glad that they didn’t get to do anything. Maybe it’s because I feel like no matter what the directors would do to them, it wouldn’t please everybody. Maybe they’d get the accents messed up. Or make them say really weird things to make it even more obvious that they are ‘exotic’. You know, the usual stereotypical things that happen.

The fact that they’ve expanded Castlevania’s world just by including vampires from other regions is commendable though. I am seriously thinking about writing a short story about Mughal vampires and submitting it over to BloodBathLitZine just for fun!

I’d like to close off by talking about Hector. Hector is a stupid idiot who deserves better than he got and I am so mad about what happened to him, it’s very unfair. At the end of the season, I couldn’t tell who I felt sorrier for, Hector or Alucard. They both didn’t deserve this. My favorite character in this entire series is still Trevor Belmont though.

If you haven’t seen Castlevania yet, I highly recommend that you do. It’s got brilliant animation, a decent story, some interesting concepts and fantastic dialogue. It’s clearly aimed at an older, more mature audience and it shows from the language to the blood and gore. It’s also perfect to watch due to the short episodes (25 mins/episode) and a total of 8 episodes in the second season, so it’s a quick and fun watch. Definitely worth it. I’d give it a 4.5/5.

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