Of Science and Confused Medics

If there’s anything consistent that most medical students look forward to in a week, it’s probably the weekend. The joy of staying in (or going out) and not studying (or perhaps, finally studying) is unparalleled. When this weekend gets taken away, you’re going to end up with students who are tired and not ready to do anything more than the bare minimum. Or at least, that’s what I feel like.  

My last weekend got taken away by the National Science Congress. It would have been a great place where I might have actually learned something if attendance wasn’t such a big issue that prompted students to run here and there and try to coerce faculty to mark you present. You see, attendance was made mandatory for the senior years and that was being taken very seriously by everyone.

The first day, my friends decided to take the opportunity to head out and visit the Pakistan Monument since it was so close-by. Unfortunately, we were running at a short time limit so we couldn’t really explore the place thoroughly and see the inside, but it was great, regardless, and possibly lead to the birth of the idea of a potential medical student vlog.

At the conference itself, there were lots of stalls, mostly medicine related and rather boring at first glance. The NIH showed up with their seeds and snakes though.

The only stall that wasn’t medicine related was a really cute mini-plant stall. They were selling tiny plants in tiny pots and they were all very colorful and creatively decorated!

I thought about buying one but then… you know. I had to curb my impulse. After all, I didn’t exactly need a succulent, did I? Especially when I live in the basement where there’s no sunlight and the poor thing would choke to death.

It didn’t change the fact that I spent a pretty long time admiring them.

There was even a tweet-beam set up on giant screens in the main lobby so I took advantage of it and started tweeting things out.  Mostly ridiculous things, but things, nevertheless.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. I probably wouldn’t come to the second congress, since I wouldn’t be a student at that time and would probably have to end up paying to be there. Between getting a weekend and paying to have that weekend taken, I’d rather go with the former!

I know this is a pretty short blog post, but to make up for it, I clipped together a couple of quick videos so you can see some of the things I did for yourself!

That’s pretty much it for this post! I hope you have a nice day.

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