What I've Been Splurging On

I think of myself as a fairly frugal spender. It also helps quite a bit when there are lots of things that I’m not really interested in, like clothes and makeup, which is what the market mainly tries to sell. At a mall, catch me browsing through the bookstores and stationery stores and thrift stores and the dollar stores. The random assortment of the most useless things entertains me quite a bit. I could spend a good hour in a store just looking through each and every single useless thing they have if it’s shiny and colorful enough.

As a result, stores that have colorful and shiny things at a deceptively cheap price are my ultimate weakness. I have, however, learned to combat my urge to spend by asking myself a couple of key questions.

Do I really need this?

Do I already have something like this in my possession?

Will I regret not buying this?

Whatever product gets through these three questions ends up in my shopping cart after a lot of deliberation. While I try my best to do market research and purchase things as reasonably as possible, there ARE occasions where I find myself shelling out cash without really thinking too much about it. I try not to do any post-purchase market research. The last thing I need is to feel like I’ve been conned!

These past few weeks, however, I’ve been spending more than I ever thought I’d spend, especially since 99% of my purchases were all on impulse. Let’s start.


I don’t even use my earphones that often. I have lecture videos saved on all devices though, from my laptop to my phone to my tablet, so whenever I have free time, I have the option to sit down and study. That I don’t choose that option is a totally different story though. As soon as my latest pair of earphones broke (I still deem them fixable and am on the lookout for repair shops to fix them) I started panicking. I needed earphones to study (even if I didn’t study). I also wanted to buy them from Miniso again, since these earphones had lasted well over six months and I was willing to buy a relatively expensive item if it meant I wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking and needing replacements within the next six months.

Fortunately, a new Miniso outlet opened up in F-10. That very same day, I visited the outlet in what was probably the fastest visit Miniso has ever seen. I walked in, made a beeling for the earphones section with a store helper and picked out a particular set of earphones that my friend had said would probably last the longest. The store helper was really nice and opened the box so I could test them out, but that was apparently against store policy. Nevertheless, I decided to buy that very set and then stood awkwardly at the cashier’s while they attempted to put the earphones back in it’s box. I told them that I was in a hurry and could they please just leave it, it’s not like I needed the box anyway! So I ran out of Miniso with a new set of earphones in my hand.

Tablet Cover

I wanted to really step up my game on studying and that involved carrying my tablet around with me so I could start watching lectures or doing questions or reading various textbooks whenever I got the time. Lugging a tablet around was a much more acceptable alternative to lugging my laptop around, especially when my laptop is really big and pokes out of my bag and doesn’t have a case of it’s own either! As a result, I asked a few people about where I would be able to buy tablet covers and my friend offered to come along with me to Blue Area and check out the marketplace there.

It turned out that the laptop I have is a Samsung Galaxy Note that hadn’t been launched in Pakistan so finding a cover for it wasn’t going to be very easy. We persisted and finally came across a grand total of four shops. One had a universal cover which I didn’t like because it felt very flimsy. Another two shops had the same covers but at vastly different prices (one was selling them as 1400, the other at 400. the exact same cover) but I was very reluctant in purchasing it because it was the type of cover that only locked in at the corners and the other edges were free. I wanted a strong, reliable cover that would enclose all aspects of the tablet. The only two colors they had available were a solid red and a solid hot pink.

The fourth shop finally had what we wanted. It was just a plain white though but I decided not to let that bother me. At least I found something that fit my tablet the way I wanted it to! I could always stencil over it with the Screen Sensation set I had! Which is exactly what I did.

The shop was selling it for 1500. I wheedled it down to 1200.

Surgery Scrubs

Even though I’m currently on a gyne/obs rotation, having surgery scrubs is pretty important since deliveries and cesareans are messy as well as often an emergency. You don’t really get to take your time in a theater changing room. In fact, the labor and delivery department is a mixed area. It’s got an operation theater right next door, has a delivery room section which is a hybrid of a single-bed ward and a minor operation theater and a regular ward area which is again divided into an emergency section and an admitted patient section.

It’s pretty organized and honestly a really interesting place to be. I didn’t want to left out of things, so I set out to buy myself some scrubs. Scrubs are supposed to be half sleeved so you can scrub in easily, and I usually wear a t-shirt underneath which has sleeves that I can easily roll up when I need them gone. I went to Prince Books, which sells medical books as well as other medical items. They only had two colors in the half-sleeved scrubs, one was dark green and the other was dark red. I ended up choosing the red one and walked out with 1500 less in my pocket.

I’d add a picture of me wearing the scrubs but I haven’t had a chance to find a full-length mirror anywhere yet.

Brush Pens

These were a chance find at Safa Gold Mall. I don’t usually browse the Reader’s Point stores, but I had time to kill and had ended up combing this particular store up and down several times when I found this set.

There were three sets. One had 8, one had 12, one had 24. I had to weigh my decisions based on how much cash I had on me, so I chose the 12markersr one for 890. Since I was on an impulse buying spree, I also picked up a small sketchbook as well.

I haven’t tested the pages out yet, but it seems like it’s only good for pencil drawing at the moment. Unfortunately, I lent my pencil to a kidin my class and he still hasn’t given it back to me. Whenever he does, I intend to get some sketches done before attempting watercolors. While I couldn’t test those things out, I did end up testing the markers.

Yes, so as you can see, I don’t have good control on the brush pens yet. The ink feels pretty good though. The paper blots and the ink bleeds through it but I think it’s just the sketchbook because I used these pens to write in my journal and the paper held steady.

I would write about my visit to Ximi Vogue but I didn’t buy anything from there and also, this post has gotten long enough! I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of things I’ve splurged on this past week and what kind of products I end up impulse buying! What kind of things do you find yourself unable to hold back from? Have a nice day!

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