What to Buy A Graduated Med Student Heading into Intern Year

Degrees are slowly coming to an end. While I’m in my final year of a five year degree, those with quicker degrees have moved on towards internships. My friend, for example, will be starting her house job as a dentist in the next few months, so my other friend and I decided to get her a gift. It took some brainstorming before we finally settled on what could arguably be declared as the best idea ever.

The Ultimate Survival Kit for Spending the Day on the Wards

You really have to prepare for spending the day on the wards, even more so when you now have responsibility as an intern and are no longer just a student. I remember packing up a couple of extra things for my gyne night call, which included a toothbrush, cream, sanitizer, anything and everything I could think of needing. For making a whole survival kit thought, meant making an entire list.

So what exactly should your survival kit have?

  1. A water bottle.
  2. Sanitizer. Lots of it.
  3. Moisturizing cream. Because constant sanitizing is a necessary evil.
  4. Lip balm. Because why not.
  5. Perfume. The travel size.
  6. Tissues. Wet, dry, how about both?
  7. A notebook. And lots of scrap paper that you can write on and discard.
  8. Lots of pens. You’re going to lose a lot of pens.
  9. Bubblegum. Oh, and mints and other sweet candy to snack on.
  10. A bag to hold everything together.

We ended up going to Safa Gold Mall to get as many of these things as possible, managing to complete most of this list from (1) Miniso (2) XimiVogue and (3) Shaheen Chemists.

Look at this set of super cute hand creams!

Miniso is particularly a favorite for accumulating things from because of how seemingly affordable some of the things look as well as the overall cute aesthetic they’ve got running. The same could be said of XimiVogue but I felt like these two stores end up complimenting each other. There are some things that only Miniso has a good variety in, and some things that XimiVogue had a good variety in. So you really have to check both out to see all your choices.

Miniso, so far, appears to be far more superior when it comes to stationery. They’ve expanded a bit on their planners and also introduced a variety of notebooks and other art supplies. Unfortunately, some of their art supplies felt rather cheap to me so I didn’t splurge (amazing! I know!) on more things that I don’t really need. XimiVogue, on the other hand, had stationery that felt really breakable to me. The pens felt much too light, almost flimsy, and I really couldn’t bring myself to even consider buying them. Overall, Safa Gold Mall is a fantastic place to purchase from since you have both outlets under the same roof.

If you ever feel like you can’t think of what to buy your friend who’s getting into professional life, consider building them a survival kit too! You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to build one and how amazed your friend will be. 10/10 worth it!


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