Avengers: Disassembled!!!

With End Game creeping closer and closer, it’s hard not to get pumped and excited for the finale. Despite joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe a little late (I think I jumped in around the time Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out), it has definitely become one of my favorite ‘fandoms’. The community surrounding the MCU has a variety of shades, from hard core comic book fans to kids dazzled by superheroes to the more relaxed fans out there (like me) who watch movies as they come along.

I don’t always go running to the theaters to watch movies, but if I do, the chances of it being a Marvel movie is very high.

I wouldn’t really call myself a real Marvel fan though. I don’t read the comics, I don’t watch the cartoons, I don’t cosplay and I most certainly do not have relevant merchandise either. But I do like to read and I can definitely appreciate art, so when Envy wrote her reviews on various comic series, I thought ‘hey, this is actually really cool!’ and it sparked a bit of interest in the concept of comics and comic books (outside of anime and manga).

I started reading War, Politics and Superheroes: Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Films (which is a fantastic book, by the way, even though I haven’t finished it yet, but intend to get back to soon) and that made things so much clearer for me. Superheroes and comic books aren’t just stories, they are derived from reality and in fact, are often reality rewritten through the lens of fantasy. After all, writers and illustrators are arguably gods of their own worlds and creations however limited they may be.

Avengers Disassembled: Doctor Strange Marvel Comic Page

Back to the actual point of this post though. My friend sent over this comic for me to read. It’s taken me months to finally get around to reading it and drafting this post, but here we are, at last. I may not be able to dissect the comic and it’s plot very well, but I can at least talk about how it felt reading my first legitimate comic book.

First of all: it was an Avengers comic book and that meant it was going to star a lot of Avengers that either haven’t been introduced in the MCU yet or characters that haven’t shown to be all that important (like I had no idea Hank Pym and the Van Dynes were THAT central to Marvel in general). There’s also the fact that the comic universe is different from the cinematic one, so while the characters might be the same, they aren’t… really the same. It’s kind of hard to explain, especially since you can’t exactly compare it to film adaptations of books and novels.

A better way to explain it would be the fact that Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, seems to be a much more major character when it comes to the history and running of the Avengers. In the Cinematic Universe, Wanda seems to be the overpowered kid that the Avengers decide to take in. Sure, she has a pivotal role when it came to Civil War and is arguably the catalyst for the Avengers ‘breaking up’ as explained in Infinity War but again, she didn’t seem to be THAT important.

All of that changed when it came to the comics and now I can say without any hesitation that maybe Wanda Maximoff has been nerfed quite a bit in the Cinematic Universe.

Avengers Disassembled: Marvel Comic Page with Magneto and Captain America

I also have little to no exposure to the X-Men, so to see them being actively involved in the plot for the Avengers was also something interesting. Having all these different Marvel ‘series’ intersecting in the comic world is really neat and helps to make it easier to understand how everything is happening in the same world. Meanwhile, the Cinematic Universe is arguably divided between Marvel, Netflix, Fox and Sony, if you could even say that they’re all from technically the same franchise. I’d definitely be interested in seeing more comics and plots involving other ‘lesser known’ Marvel heroes interacting with the big faces of Marvel, like Iron Man and Captain America. And Spiderman, even if he’s been downgraded a few sizes.

Overall, I had a genuinely enjoyable time reading the comic. I really liked the colors and art. Sometimes I got mixed up with panels and comic reading, since I’m so used to manga panels and they read the opposite way. There were several panels that had absolutely gorgeous art that I spent a lot of time looking at, which is again something I’ve never done with mangas since they are mostly black and white. I can’t imagine how much cooler these comics must be in physical form, with glossy pages and rich colors.

For someone who isn’t connected to the comic world at all, this wasn’t a difficult comic to read. There were plenty of familiar characters, or at least enough characters from the Cinematic Universe to help understand the plot. Some parts of the story bothered me a bit but it was overall pretty interesting. I still have the Iron Man and Captain America versions left to read, which I’ll definitely be getting around to soon!

Do you read comics? Or regularly keep up with comic adaptations on the screen? What’s your favorite Marvel series/movie up till now? DC fans, don’t worry! We’ll get around to you soon 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a nice day!


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