Welcome to The Lunar Descent.
You clicked on this link because you wanted to know a little more about the blog and the writer.
You want to see if this is a blog worth following or if the writer is a person who might end up following your blog.
Oh- and you want me to stop narrating to you.

About the Writer
Kanra is a twenty-two-year-old student studying medicine in Islamabad, Pakistan.
An introductory paragraph would do her no justice.

About the Blog
The Lunar Descent is a blog that is based on the writer being a medical student and sharing experiences and advice.
The Lunar Descent was officially created on the 6th of December, 2014.
Content will be posted every week.
This blog will not be executing chain tags or awards.
All written content is solely the work of the Author unless otherwise stated so.

Additional Information
I reply to any queries left in my posts so check back soon for replies.
I do check out blog links left by visitors- so try leaving them in the comments below ^^.

You will not find profanity or any sort of material that is PG13 (unless you can’t stomach written descriptions of random stuff I studied in med school) and I try to keep my writing audience friendly. However, if you find objectionable content, you can either publicly comment your disapproval (which is going to be embarrassing for me, I admit and I’ll probably delete it) or you could save our honor and drop a quick email in my inbox.

Contact Me
twitter: /optic_chiasma
instagram: /optic_chiasma